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Small Boat Insurance Program

Quote and bind coverage instantly on-line for boats from 12’ to 26’ and up to 45 years old.

Under $25,000 in hull value up to 40 years old
Under $50,000 in hull value and under 25 years old
ANY hull value under 15 years old

Maximum speed 60 mph (78 mph for Bass boats)
Hull Value Limit up to $ 75,000
Sailboats and Inflatable Crafts are eligible

Note: Programs available in New England and New York State

Insurers: A.M.Best® A Rated Carriers
Limits: Up to $500,000 Watercraft Liability
Minimum Premium: $100
Special Features: Automatic Speed Calculations
Automatic Payment Calculations
1, 2, or 4 Payment Plans available

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Yacht Insurance Program

Highly Competitive rates for Boats and Yachts over 26 feet.
High Performance, Older Vessels , Wooden Boats/Yachts are eligible.
Most vessels qualify for Agreed Value coverage

Insurers: A.M.Best® A Rated Carriers

Fax the Yacht Quote Form to (413) 781- 0050 and receive your quote within 2 hours.

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Jet-Ski and Mini Boat Insurance Program

Quote & Bind coverage on-line for Jet Skis and Mini-boats with up to 4 passenger capacity (for personal pleasure use only) Individually owned, multiple owners or corporately titled personal watercrafts are eligible

Insurers: A. M. Best® A Rated Carriers
Coverage: Property & Liability
Liability Only Coverage
Trailer Coverage available
Water Sports Liability Coverage
Non-owned Watercraft Liability Coverage
Limits: Up to- $1,000,000
Minimum Premium: $65
Special Features: One Page Application
Automatic Speed Calculation
Automatic Payment Calculation
Multi-craft Credit
Credit Card Payment
Transfer Discount
12 or 6 months Policy Terms available

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If you don’t know your SRL Agency Code, please e-mail or call: 888-773-7475

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