Dwelling Fire Insurance Program

DP-3, DP-2, DP-1 Policy Forms
for Rental, Seasonal, Owner Occupied and Vacant Property (1-4 Family Dwellings)

Liability Limits up to $500,000

Quote, issue and serve policy on-line
Direct Bill Premium Plan available (1, 4 and 10-pay plans)
Credit Card or Check payment acceptable: pay installments or renewal bills on-line

No Lead Free Certification required
Risks with previous losses may qualify (up to 3 losses)

Available in New England, NY and PA

Carrier: A.M. Best® A+ Rated Carrier
Property Limits: up to $500,000
Vacant Property Limits: up to $1 Mil in MA, CT, NY, PA
Liability: up to $500,000

No Photos required
Stand Alone DP-1 for Other Structure Coverage in CT, ME, RI
Occasional Rental / Short Term Rental Coverage
Certain animal exposures or swimming pool may be acceptable

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