Coastal & High Value Homes: Primary, Seasonal, Rental (HO-3), Vacant (DP-3)

No Restrictions on Distance to Water

Risks with Prior Losses May Qualify ● Corporate Name or LLC eligible Older Updated Homes ● Condos ● Log Homes ● Builders Risks

Admitted and non-admitted markets available for coastal and mid to high-value properties. Older homes, secondary or seasonal residences, rental and vacant property eligible. Wind deductibles of 1% and 2% for qualifying risks.

Program is available in New England, FL, NY and PA.


Coverages Available:

HO-3 (minimum Coverage A $150,000)
HO-4 (minimum Coverage C $20,000)
HO-6 (minimum Coverage C $20,000)
DP-3 (minimum Coverage A $150,000)
Personal Articles Floater
Excess Flood Coverage

Minimum Premium: $750
Limits: $150,000 – 100 Mill (Property)
$100,000 - $1 Mill (Liability)

Special Features:

Risks with previous losses may qualify
Underground oil tank exclusion / Trampoline exclusion / Animal exclusion /
Swimming pool liability exclusion
Rental covered under HO-3 vs. Dwelling Fire
Vacant Property Covered under DP-3, including Vandalism & MM, Liability option
Builders risk liability (theft of building materials available)
Log Homes
Competitive Pricing

Quote and Submit ONLINE risks up to $1,500,000 TIV (HO-3 or DP-3 policy forms) Click here to log in

Download Coastal Property Application: HO-3, DP-3, HO-6, HO-4, Vacant Dwelling Values us to $100 Mil

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